Interesting vid on the Obama Deception

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Its long. but its crazy. If your bored, its definitely something to look at

I find it funny how the economy is getting worse and worse. Thought he was going to fix it? No one can say Bush is to blame now, it’s definitely not getting any better (and please dont tell me that Bush did so much damage that it’s still rippling from him… BS!)… ANOTHER stimulus?! wow… I read awhile back this his approval rating was lower than that of Bush’s. I don’t know if it has gone back up or not (doubt it).

cheech and chong 2012

bush was the one that fuck this country up and everyone knows that! now everyone wants obama to fix it fast come on guys…

No, that’s not the case… Sure Bush put us in debt, but Obama is putting us farther and farther into debt. Where is this money he is spending coming from? Where’s the money coming from that is being used for this stupid stimulus crap? He’s borrowing it from countries such as China, etc. NOT GOOD… Guess what that means? He’s not helping our debt at all, he’s making it worse and worse!

I could say I told you so to all the people who helped put him in office but I’m still waiting on a bigger screw up lol

thats a interesting video. I emailed it to all my co-workers! ha

there’s much more deception in this world going on then just obama…



You guys should back that up with some fact and then use facts to show that Obama is actually even trying to fix it… From what I’ve seen, he’s making it worse… and anyone who will deny that is, well, ignorant.

Let the political war begin… lol

obama will fix everything bush mess up!!! i don’t even know how bush was elected two times i mean look at this guy face! how can we put our country in this dump hands!!! HOPEFULLY NOW WE GOT OBAMA LOL JK

So we had a President with a sense of humor? Seriously, if people in our country are choosing the Presidency by looks, we have some serious issues. (I know you said j/k but I’m sure there are people out there who really go by that)

i was jk but thats true, alot of people go by that

That is why we have an electoral vote and not a popular vote.

Bush helped but it was congress, with a democratic majority at the time, that approved all of the spending so don’t just blame one guy when a few hundred, democrat & republican alike, are just as guilty.

Everyone wanted change and change you got but it sure hasn’t been for the better.