Interim Horn and Whistle Board Available

To all who post on the Horn and Whistle Board. The site has been down for way too long. We can no longer access all of that info built up over the years.

This is not meant to pull members from this board. They are different atmospheres and each has it’s place.

I have set up a similar board for the collectors and restorers that frequent the horn and whistle board. It is not designed to replace the old board unless some day down the road adam gives the nod that he is no longer supporting the old board.

I ask that the admin and mods allow this to remain at least until the old board gets back up. There is no way to contact the membership over there and let them know about the interim board.

You scared them into fixing the problem…

Nice lol
Should contact Adam and ask for a database dump so you can run it for him. He’s too busy to be responsible for a forum.

I tried. He doesn’t respond.

The site comes up but posts aren’t going through.

It worked for a week or 2 but it’s down again.

Frustrating that the board is down again - just recently I thought “Great, they finally fixed it”. I admire the attempt to set up an interim replacement, but without all the content I’m not sure if it’ll gain adoption.

The other problem of course is that there’s a huge class division between the folks that hang out at the H&W and here. A whole bunch don’t see eye to eye between the two camps, so I don’t know how you’d go about promoting thew new site.

I really am not concerned about the interim site unless others decide they want to use it as an option. It may not go anywhere but when the original site is down at least people can pop on and talk. It only took me a few hours to set it up.

Just remember, someone else could take your user name :wink:

It looks to me it is gone for a long time.

The site is back up again.

Doesn’t work. Tried posting and went back into error.

Site is back down again. Nobody knows if anybody is working on it. Adam isn’t talking. It may be in some sort of overload issue and comes and goes. Error say too many signed on.

This is the interim site

Same for me - can’t even get to the home page.

"General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

User shipho5_phpb1 already has more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections [1203]

I got that same error this morning but it worked long enough yesterday for me to get on. I’d be surprised if they have that many members logged on at the same time.

That site is different today, but still not working.

We are building up. 36 members and counting.

Good on you Hoot for keeping on with it. At least some of the literature is being rescued. Such a shame that Adam has let the old site go down the gurgler like that. That place was a treasure trove of good info on horns.

Can only hope that the content is recovered one day.