Intermittent horn

Out of nowhere, for the second time, my horn has stopped working. The first time was because of a broken ground. This time all wires are connected.

My train horn is connected to my truck horn. So when I press the steering wheel I get both. When everything is working I get about a second delay with the train horn which is aggravating.

Anyway, I disconnected the train horn from the truck horn. When I place the wire directly to the battery I can hear the solenoid engage but no sound. I did this several times for several seconds each and nothing.

I then put it all back together and ran to the store. I hit the horn to see what would happen and Wala…. immense noise. On the way home I hit it again and… NOTHING!

Any ideas?

I know you mentioned you had and fixed a broken ground earlier, but the symptoms you’re describing, where the solenoid intermittently engages still sounds like it could be a ground issue, or it could also simply be a faulty solenoid valve.

If you are sure your system is charged fully when you test the solenoid, and you apply 12v to it and it doesn’t trigger, it’s a bad solenoid or bad wiring. If your ground is directly to the chassis and clean, and you have 12v present and a full tank, then it would appear to be the solenoid.

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Ok, I purposely waited to reply because i moved the ground to the battery. The issue still persists but it’s not consistent. Regardless of temperature and number of uses the two horns do not operate at the same time. There is always a second delay. Is there another wiring configuration that will eliminate this?

Also, if I had not used my horn in a while the delay is longer so I think the solenoid is sticking Is there a way to lubricate these or can someone recommend a quality unit? The two I’ve purchased so far are from Amazon for about $20.