anybody else out on this forum currently in IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN…

Next door… currently in Al Dhafra

no, but my son was stationed in Dubai, UAE last year and has been in Saudi Arabia several times.

I stayed at a Howard Johnson’s in Bakersfield once… does that count?

(No disrespect… just playing)


I spent a year in Thailand with the Air Force right at the end of the Vietnam war. That’s a little closer than Bakersfield…lol

I was referencing a dry, dusty, dirty place - that’s remote from most things one would call comfortable… which is what I equate being in the Middle East with. I wish we could stop this constant policing of the world and bring our troops home. Who gave the US a badge anyways?

To those soldiers with orders serving outside the country, be safe. I hope that you have as much contact as possible with your families over the holidays.

does a year in San Antonio, TX count?

I’m currently in the sandbox, next month will be my 2nd year here, and I just signed for another.

I’m MND-S, sitting about a stone’s throw from the MSR.
(Those that know what I mean will know round about where I am.)


We’re over there to try and keep what happened on September 11th, 2001 from happening again.

Everyone was all for us bombing every Middle Eastern country after that, everyone seems to have forgotten now though.

I agree, I hate to see our troops over there but it’s better than another 9/11. I also think it’s working because the terrorist are too busy trying to stop us over there and we’ve been lucky enough to stop futher attacks here.


18 years and 15 UN resolutions didn’t get Saddam to straighten out, and sometimes the universal langauges of “pain” and “force” are the only things some understand.

There are several other countries that could have taken up the mantle, but didn’t or won’t. Sometimes taking the high road and doing whats right isn’t popular, but it has to be done.

We used to have a burn clinic here at the FOB that I’ve been at for the past 23 months. It was the only thing close to a hospital for over 180km. Seeing children in shock from 2nd and 3rd degree burns will be something that will haunt me for quite a while, and all I do here is make sure these folks get their e-mail.


Amen, and thank you for your service to our country!

Not to revive this one from the dead…

…I was stationed on Camp Victory in VBC in 2009-2010. I served (and will continue to do so until 2016) with the Oregon National Guard’s 41st IBCT. I previously served on the active side with the 3/7th IN out of Ft. Stewart Georgia (1992-1995).

Lots of pics and some neat video from my year in Iraq.

I now serve with 2/218th FA.

Interesting times we live in…truly intriguing.

and Thank you for your service! I served 4 years in the Air Force at the end of the Vietnam era.

3rd bn 2nd mar 2nd division here. 0341- 60mm mortars. 1996-2000

again, Thank you & all veterans for your service!