is it ok to

is it ok to instal my compressor upside down ?

i have no idea but i don’t think so.

mine is only thing you need to watch out for is objects hitting the head of the compressor

I think it depends on what compressor you have.

If its an oil-less design, you can mount it any way you want.

If it’s an oiled design, no, you can not mount it upside down. Sideways is usually allowed, but not always. If you mount it sideways, you should just check it on occasion to make sure it doesn’t come loose and hang more than 90 degrees.

Start with the make and model, then you can get a definite answer. I believe most of the Viair’s say not to mount upside down, so if it is, then no you can’t.

After doing a quick Google search, I found a helpful page, it says:

Question: Is it possible to mount the compressor sideways? Must it be mounted with the cylinder upright?

Answer: Yes, you can mount our compressors in any direction or position because they are oil-less. The only position we do not recommend is an upside-down mount, since heat tends to travel upward.

Question: If I mount my compressor sideways, like on the frame rail of my truck, is there anything I should be careful of when doing this?

If you mount your compressor sideways to the frame rail, you should periodically check to make sure that your compressor is mounted securely. Use a thread-locking compound to keep the screws from backing off and causing the compressor to be mounted loosely.


Viair actually does not recommend them being upside down due to the heat not being able to escape from the compressor due to the heat rising. This is why Viair has the cool fin designed heads to help dissipate the heat

thats what i was gonna say, its only cuz of the heat

One guess as to who wrote all of the FAQs that VIAIR and Hornblasters have on their websites…

Well then my search ability is full of WIN :p.



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