is it possible to run Nathans and HBS4 together simultaneously?

Just curious because apparently with the 1/2"upgrade kit, I can’t seem to get peoples attention in traffic when they cut me off in traffic… Can I add Nathans to my shocker kit? I have an extra 1/4 " export available on the manifold…

Nathans eat more air than Shockers, so you would want to feed them from a 1/2" port and minimum 1/2" airline.

Would I be better off getting a bigger tank, another compressor and so on for the Nathans? I have a 5 gallon now.

I saw in the other thread you mentioned a K5. If you truly want to honk Shockers and a K5 at the same time you’'ll want more air. Even a K5 by itself should have 8-10 gallons.

So would I be okay running both setups on the10 gallon? I have a ford ranger so I’m trying to figure out the because way to mount this all rather stealthy, which is hard being the truck is small lol

You might find that each horn has it’s purpose and honk one or the other. So 10 gallons would be just fine.

People who have had both can chime in, but I don’t thing they honk both at once.