Is my check valve no good?

Hi guys I changed out my viair leader hose with the built in check valve and now no air is going through to the tank. Could I have bought a defective hose with check valve? It worked right before I switched out the hoses. Thanks for any help. Oh and yes it’s installed in the right direction.

if it worked before u switch hoses. why u switch hoses?
try hookin old one back up?

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And are u shuts the valve is not on backwards?

I switched it because the old hose was leaking air where it’s crimped on the side that connects to compressor. So I figured if it’s leaking at that point the check valve must be bad too. Yes I made sure it was installed in the right direction with the check valve connected to the air tank.

check valve side should be connected to the compressor. If its on the airtank side, you found your problem.

So the check valve is on the tank end of the leader hose…
… but is the arrow on the check valve pointing towards the tank?

Just trying to be really clear.

Yes it is.

it is possible for a valve to be stuck.

My luck. Guess I’ll buy another one and see. I even disconnected from air tank and turned on compressor and no air was being pushed through.

Welcome from a SoCal native. If you just got a new hose, isn’t it under warranty?

I threw away the packaging and shipping info. I’m just gonna order a new check valve from for $3.75 + shipping, so not to bad. And thanks, it’s a great forum.

Hey! When I got my Shocker 240 kit, the compressor ran but no air came out. I thought the rings in the compressor or whatever were missing or something like that, but it was just the check valve. I unscrewed it from the compressor and whalla, the compressor started blasting loads of air on my face.
It makes no sense to me, I’d think the compressor would stall from too much pressure if the check valve is preventing air from going through it.
Hornblasters sent me a new check valve, free of charge, no problem :slight_smile:

after the new check valve is installed is it having the same problem? If so u might be installing it backwards

Yeah I was surprised too. After I got the new check valve I physically blew air through it with my mouth with no problem. When I tried blowing through the existing (bad) check valve I couldn’t blow any air through it. My problem was solved. I was surprised I didn’t burn out the compressor too for not allowing air flow from the stuck check valve.