Is this a good buy?

hey every one. i’ve been looking for train horns since i was 16 and never had the money to get them. so now at 18 and just graduated high school yester day, and with some money from graduating, i have enough to buy a set. the reason i chose this set is because i can’t realy spend alot due to me trying to keep this under the radar from parents. is this a good buy or should i keep looking? any thoughts would help

it’s the MAXIMUS 1 Kit for $299.00

i don’t know… it looks like a decent one…

but ofcourse if you want real bang for your buck, i suggest the Shockers232XL or 240XL

the horns are tuned to sound like a train horn… and it’s really loud… so loud your neighbours will instant dislike you :slight_smile:

you always have the chance of the horns not being loud enough… if you really like horns, you’ll want bigger, and louder… one guy on the forum here has been through 3 different kits, ending up with the baddest and biggest horns

i have thesame kit, and it’s quality! i can scare cows and horses up to 300 feet! can be heard from up to 2-4 miles

Hey, and welcome to the forums!!

I graduated a few weeks ago. I bought the shocker 240xl kit from
Trust me, hornblaster is the best. They have the absolute best customer service, loudest bang for your buck.

look around there and find one that fits your price range :smiley:

Heres a vid of my 240xl’s

Just ask if you need anything!

Welcome to the forums. those china made chrome horns are poop!!! my 1st kit was one of those… i will save a lil more of money and buy a set of shockers… this is a great kit see some vid’s on youtube of the chrome horns and then of the shockers and you will notice a bid difference!

do not waste your money on that… save up the extra hundred or so bucks and go shockers…

Bottom line, that kit is a waste. Go with hornblasters, they have GREAT products and amazing customer support

yea those horns and the air compressors are garbage

dude i thought that would be ok and they are junk. its a pvc air tank with a cheap compressor that broke in two months and the horns themselves are junk. I sold mine after a month. go buy a shocker from hornblasters or save up for a nathan airchime.

and if you do end up with that kit you will do what i did. You will be like thats loud and kool then you will be honking and some guy with a nathan will blow you away (just like lah33 did to me lol) so then you still dont want to spend the money so you buy the shocker which is a great horn. but yet again you ride around honking your shocker which is loud and sounds kool. them somebody with a nathan (lah33) will blow you away so then you will finaly end up with a nathan airchime. So dont waiste the money buy a nathan or a shocker!

so "lah33’ blow u away with the k3 when u had the shockers!

yea he would drive buy and just lay on it. So i spent a lot of money tryin to not be blown away. I should have had just bought a k3 at first cause i spent enough on all the others that i could have bought a k5. But now im gona have a shocker, p3, and k3 as soon as i get my dual compressor and 10gal tank

ok so i found a shocker 228DX air horn kit Looks pretty good but i wanna know what it would sound like, any one got a video or it?

i know someone in this forums has this kit but i don’t remember who!

check in the video section on the main site! pretty much the same thing least the horn anyways!!! my opinion if you want something authentic and loud just save and get a shocker kit i know many people who bought the crome ebay one and they hear mine and freak out and wonder why its not loud… lol

yea those chrome horns are junk man. Save your money for a shocker