Is this sufficient for a K3?

I have 2 480Cs and a 5 gallon tank but want to use one of my 480s in another vehicle so that would leave me with one 480 and a 5 gallon tank for each vehicle. Would that be sufficient for a K3 or P3 or a set of Leslie supertyphoons?

It seems that the ultimate set up is dual 480s and about 8 gallons but I really would like to outfit both vehicles without over taxing the system.

I only have the one tank at this time but plan on buying a second for the other vehicle. Knowing what the most efficient set up for these horn would be will help in my purchase decision.

It would be nice to see a table that looks something like this as a sticky:

HornMin required equipBest set up
K3HA…(1) 150 psi Comp…(2) 200 psi Comp
…5 gallon tank…(2) 5 gallon tanks




This way it would be easy to know what you need as a start and could build your set up anywhere in between. I tried to do a search for this info but most of what I found was that more air = better.

Hey I’m no expert, but I think a five gallon tank is the bare minimum for a short blast on a k3. I would get more. I can’t really talk, though, I have a 2 gallon tank for my shockers LOL :rolleyes:

I put my horns on my brother’s truck and all he has is a 5 gallon. It’s fine for a K3, you won’t get alot of honking but if you aren’t trying to sound like a train, it’ll be fine.

As for a P3 or Leslie Supertyfon, I wouldn’t run over 140 PSI to those, especially on the Leslies. Also, you’ll need WAY bigger than 5 gallons for a Leslie. The 5 gallon will be perfect for a P3 as they use very little air.

Oh, and this isn’t an opinion on using no more than 140 PSI to a Leslie. Any more than that and over time you WILL damage the horn and they are expensive to have repaired. A set of diaphragms for one from the factory runs about $80 a piece. Hope this helps.

yep a 5 gallon with two viair 480c for a k3 is good :slight_smile:

I have 2 450C compressors with 2 five gallon tanks. It works great for me.

So, if the P3 can be blown on less air then I could efficiently run it with one 480c and a 5 gallon tank? And since I’m only using say 150psi for this horn then the compressor will be less taxed and last longer?

Forgive me for all the newb questions but I’m trying to build my system little by little. I was lucky and found a guy local here on Craigslist that had 2 brand new 480c compressors for $300 (he bought them for his truck then sold the truck).

My problem is I have 2 vehicles but not enough $$ to outfit them both with the best set up. I want to make it so I can “quick” disconnect the horn from one vehicle and transfer it to the other, at least until I can afford a second horn, additional compressors, and volume.

I already have two 5 gallon tanks and the two compressors and wanted to put one tank with one compressor in both vehicles for now (hoping that I can always add a compressor and more volume later).

Is my thinking sound or am I making these compressors work to hard?

Nah, you’re not making them work too hard. 1 per five gallon will be fine. Also, the P3 isn’t quite as loud as the K3 but it will honk longer on a 5 gallon tank. I’m not expert of pumps but I think if you ran your system at 150 instead of 200 it would actually make the compressor last longer (under ideal conditions) as it wouldn’t have to run as long from empty.

5 gallon tank works good for me