is this worth it for the price?

I was thinking of purchasing HornBlasters Shocker S4 Train Horn Kit with HornBlasters Train Horns & Viair 20008 Air Source is it worth it or is it just a bigger tank for more air??? thank you

your not just paying for more tank for more air. your also getting a more heavy duty compressor the compressor is one of the most expensive pieces to a air setup. the better of compressor you get the less it time it takes to fill your tank wich equals less wear on the compressor. Also more air through the horns the louder they will be. so in my opinion yes it is worth every penny but it also depends on your budget.

The bigger the tank you can fit in your application, the better…Large and multi chime horns consume lot’s of air.

an Oasis compressor can fill that tank a lot faster than any other 12V compressor. (got to get my plugs in wherever I can…lol)

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If you can’t exhibit, at least go to the event for possible business opportunities!
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