its just weird

When I got the k3ha as I would apply air first the 4a would blow(the smallest high pitched bell) then 2 then 1. You would think this would be the firing order everytime…as ive broken them in its been changing. at one point it would only blow 4a until more pressure was applied then all would blow. then 1 (the big bell) would blow fisrt and you can hold the valve steady and blow just one horn for as long as you want. today I pull the valve just barely letting probably 20-30 psi to the horns and they all blow and Its the first time this has happened but before this its been changing everyday. Why do they do this?? ive got my own speculation but really dont know…

also for those who like to run theres over 150-psi. I contacted micro precision and they told me that its not good for them even at 150 and that they were loudest at 130 and i totally agree because when im getting down to around 130 120 or so they are noticably louder. all your doing at 150 and up is changing the pitch which will trick your ears into thinking they are louder not to mention destroying them.

EXACTLY… and as for your other question, I’m not real sure. Maybe your diaphragms are just starting to seat right. K horn diaphragms have to be blown a bit after being taken apart/put together and since yours was new and never blown maybe it took a little longer.

My K5 seems to be “loosening up” a bit.

loosening up is a good way to put it…just like my girlfriend

firing order is always wierd…but usually best way is put the most used diaphram in the horn you want to blow first…it usually will work. Pressure wise, it’s wiredly true I think. I’ve noticed that at 200 psi it’s definetly loudest, but between 140-175ish they aren’t as shockingly loud, then about 120-140 they get pronouncedly louder. But the second it gets at <100 psi it’s just not there, just the awesome tone.