I've done my research.. Pick between 2

I’m new here and I’m going to buy a train horn for my 02 ford focus… I think I’ve narrowed down my choices between Part #'s:
HK-S4-240 and the HK-S4-V238. I’ll just be using the horns for short blasts I’m assuming… no tire inflating or anything like that. What should I go with?



If you want some loud air horns get the s4 horns if you want train horns then get nathan airchimes

for a focus go with the S4 so u won’t have any problem installing them… and they are loud as hell trust me

I’m pretty sure they are both S4’s…I think the only differences between them are one is 150 psi and the other is 200. Same size tank and One Compressor is fast fill while the other is constant duty… I’ve done all the research I can thanks to this site, I would just like some more info, maybe from the hornblaster guys. Which one??

Check it out… the 150 is nice and is loud , has a nice train sound to it… wwwhoooommmmpppp

the 200 is like WWWHOOOMPPP!!! not so much trainy tone to it but LOUD AS HELLL i have had both of them. and i go directly to hornblaster to buy all my stuff…literally to their warehouse and get my horns. its the only place to go to.

anyways the compresoors wont really matter that much because u are using them for short blasts and neither does the tank size so either would be fine

If i got the 200 could I turn back the psi to 150?

no because you only have one pressure swithc attatched to the tank that will shut it off at a certain psi, it cant be changed

Thanks alot man… I think I’m gonna go with the 200… Thanks again…


go with the 200 psi 150 is loud but with 200 psi u will love it…

You need to replace your existing pressure switch or get an adjustable one if you want to change your working pressure.

If want loud, use the 200 psi, but if you don’t want distortion, then use a lower pressure.

he hasnt bought the kit yet…hey and if i were u if u got the money upgrade to the 1/2 airline and valve

Here’s the pros/cons:
240 Kit (150 PSI):
Fills faster which makes up for the small tank. The refill time is just about 40 seconds.
It has a deeper tone all the time since it fills to the range the horn is designed for (90-150 PSI; the horn handles more pressure, but sounds best in this range)
You’re limited to honking between 150 and 90 PSI which only gives you about 7 seconds constant.

V238 Kit:
Extremely loud. The extra 50 PSI really makes these horns shocking.
You can honk between 200 and 90 PSI which means your 2 gallon reservoir lasts a lot longer.
The horns aren’t quite as deep (between 200 and 150 PSI) and don’t sound quite as authentic.
The compressor tanks a little longer to fill up: a minute and a half between 165 and 200, or about 2 minutes and a half from 110-200. This is the price for being able to honk for longer.

Or just put the comps on a switch

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It’s not a good idea to run a compressor without a pressure switch because you need a gauge to monitor the pressure as you wait to turn it off.

One distraction at the wrong time and the compressor runs too long above its recommended pressure which could be disastrous.

I guess i wasnt thinking about that since im bagged n have all the gauges n such