I've got these horns! Now what?

I see there are 4 ports to tie air into on this bracket. Which port is best or does it matter. I would assume a bigger port means more air correct or should each horn be mounted separately? My next question is how big of a ait tank do I need 3 or 5 gallon / ports? Then which compressor? I would assume a Viair but I’m unsure of what size I will need.Once I get the big stuff mounted, I will start with electrical and air line. Any advise you guys can offer up here is appreciated! Thanks in advance…


The “bracket” is a manifold u can put air to any of the ports. 5 gallon tank at least.

If you have room to mount the whole thing, leave them on the manifold.
If not, you can buy a bracket kit to seperate the horns.

I don’t know if anyone ever runs a P series horn at 200psi, so if you get a 200psi compressor (to store more air in the tank), you can get a regulator. Or else just get a 150psi compressor.

You can get one with a lower duty cycle as long as you don’t drain your tank 5 times in a row.

I agree with Belair - 5 gallons minimum. At least 1 - 1/2" port for the horns.

Those are some nice looking horns.

Blue powder coat?

Thanks, yes PC candy apple blue!

“Candy Apple Blue” … mmmmmmmm
With horns that purdy you almost want to show them off. Have you decided how and where you’re mounting them?

P horns sound great on as little as 110 psi.

Double Nathan back caps… Those wouldn’t happen to be old cast horns ???

As far as I know they are old cast! Just curious as to why it matters old cast or new?

Old cast horns have a better sound than most new cast horns. On the base of the individual bells where they bolt to the manifold one side should say “Pat pend” for new cast, or “Pat pending” for old cast.

Mine say at pat pending. So I guess that’s a good thing?

A very good thing. You’ll love that old cast sound.