jeep Cherokee

shockers on a jeep Cherokee. Thats 4 horns the other side will be getting them mounted the same way tomorrow. I will take pics and ill take some pics of my k3la too. Nd for you haters saying you have to use bolts. i used zip screws and band iron and it worked great they don’t move at all.

hey if the horns dont move you installed em good imo

if you get the chance a video would be awsome


are they visible?

not really. a little bit if ure far away. u can see em.

i love how u got them right up front

im changing that.Getting a kit all seperate brackets and they are going underneath. So pissed about the chip though having my dad weld it this weekend for me. =]

Is that your new bell that is broke? Yeah, I’d definitely be moving those from that spot. What are you going to do with your manifold?


yeah it is,and im not sure probably saving it see if i can get my hands on some cheap bells to build another k3

I can weld that so long as you have the peice. Otherwise I can restore all 3 to better then new. Why buy.

well im getting your kit=] so i wont need the manifold and ill try and find some other bells for the manifold. My dads going to weld the 1 bell it makes no difference in the sound but it just pisses me off

Maybe I will buy the mani from you.

What kind of kit are yall talking about??? Something to run air to individual bells? doing away with the bulkyness of a manifold?? I’m interested…