jeep k3 run. so funny

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sorry for the poor quality but its still really funny.

LOL nice man… that vid does the horn no justice whatsoever lol

damn u need to learn to edit lol, and slow down and record all the way…lol what psi are u runnign em at?

hahaha enjoing ur 8.5 gallon air tank ahhhh nice vid bro

in this video its anywhere from 150-220 mostly around 180. Aha the 8.5 goes down like a little slower then my 5 did since i upgraded the hose to a 1/2 from 3/8. It is so loud though and this video does it no justice at all hahahha

nice r u running 1/2 from mainfold to horns? or 3/8? cuz i am running 1/2 from tank to valve 1/2 from valve to mainfold and 3/8 from mainfold to horns

the commentary was hilarious hahaha

haha nice next time slowwwwwwwwwww down lol

yeah i know slower next time and when watching this i think me and my friend talking is funnier then the actual scares. my valve is rite to my tank bcz my valve is pretty much directly under it on the other side of the floor theres only like 3.5 feet of hose so it doesnt cause much of a delay.its 1/2 hose from the valve to maifold and manifold to the horns is 3/8. i might bore out my horns a little bit to make them even louder and bore out the fittings.

I wouldn’t… that’s worse than putting 200 PSI to it.

But then again, it’s your horn. No one seems to care much for my advice anyways.

dont worry, i hear u out and everyone else i havent got my k3 to try the diffferent psi’s

Damn tourette’s film maker right there…

lol thats good. like the horns

idk maybe its loud enough as it is? It would be using alot more air if i bored anything out. Im making another

the scares were funny but the cussing was even funnier
i counted 15 cuss words in 3 mins.

lol =]

LOL…if they flinch, they’re dumb donkeys. If they don’t flinch, they’re dumb donkeys. I guess everyone in the video is just stupid!

lmfao yes. ^

ah hahaaha DOUCHEBAGS!!! jk lol

i did like it.cooool