Joe Rogan gets Blasted!

Our old buddy Joe Rogan was in Tampa this past weekend, he called up 102.5 The Bone FM to do an interview for his performance at the Tampa Improv that weekend. Here’s a clip of when he called in. Enjoy!


too funny!

“audio rape” hahaha

Audio raping, thats a great saying. Name of the next hornblaster dvd.

One of these days Im gonna smoke with him. Just didnt figure out how yet.

lmao…his blood pressure went down, road rage went down…horns have health benefits now :cool:

haha sweettt

lol nice

:frowning: its not workin for me

I lol’d when he said scaring black people.

Werd that poop was pretty damn funny

“Audio Rape”… Funny Stuff!

Well it only took me 3 years… and even funnier is this is my first Final Cut video… i guess this crummy forum doesnt let you embed videos? WTF?


LOL Matt. Was that the amazing racist standing by joe rogan?

HAHAHA, thats just to funny coming from the head honcho :smiley:

:smiley: hahaha thats all
i can say lol

I Think we can post in some threads right? It’s just the ones we don’t want to pop up in net nanny or anything then nobody would be allowed to browse at work, we try to keep it work and school safe :slight_smile: That was indeed Ari Shaffir , a.k.a. The Amazing Racist. He’s hilarious, and has even helped contribute ideas to the big project I’m working on , I’m gonna call it Heller I think. I want it to be Hornbalsters but it has an awful lotta extreme-jackass kinda stuff like drunk driving and other really BAD ideas. We’ve been gathering footage for the past 4 years. (Ever wonder why there’s no new Hornblaster videos?) I wanna make the forum where we can embed, we just have to have an eye out for spam. We’re going to soon implement some really new features that will add to the value of THF greatly. (I have my list, just need to talk to Dr. T tomorrow)

Any idea on when you’re completing your “project”?

cool deal matt sir
hope it all works
out for you sir.