Just a note about my new sig

A guy on the FSC forums made me this awesome sig so I wanted to use it everywhere regardless of the fact that it has the wrong username. So ya, it says Custom K5, but I’m still the SierraK5 you all know and love. :smiley:

I used that username back in the day when all I had was the K5.

PS: If there are any Photoshop gurus on this site who would want to fix it up for this site then be my guest

Dude you sig is baller. regardless of name, im sure someone can, not I tho

me i’ll mess with it a little see what ya think

Thanks man. Take as much time as you need

Seems Version7 forgot about you, so here:


seems like the quality of it dropped tho?

Well without having the original, quality will never be quite as good.

Here it is with a different compression technique and has been brightened:

lil bit better

V7’s looks the same as far as quality goes. It’s just the way it is since we’re working with a 450x180 pixel image from the start. The original probably had 3000 pixels, so compressing it is much higher quality.

Hey thanks for helping guys! Looks good to me.

Good enough is good enough.

Glad they work for ya.