Just a wee little problem-o with the shockers

So I got my new compressor, and my setup hasen’t blown a fuse since!!!:cool:

Now I have a little problem…Sometimes when I hit the button the horn won’t blow. Actually, it wouldn’t blow for like 10 min yesterday.

My first plan of action was to make sure all the wire nuts were on a-ok and nothing was touching ground or anything

My next plan of action tomorrow will be to empty the air out of the tank and then take apart my button and touch the wires together (maybe this will prove I have a faulty button. )I would really like to keep using the current horn button though because I already drilled out the hole to fit it lol. :smiley:

Anyone else had this problem??



edit; my button is pretty much a doorbell…it lights up when my car is on. When my button is pressed the light turns off and the horn goes wooo.
Lately the light will turn off, but I won’t hear the solenoid click or anything.

you don’t really need help, sounds you have good plan of action :)… should help you find the issue

my guess it’s the wiring (poor ground)… if not that, search the clicky sound of the valve… if it’s there, i suppose it’s your button

how bout running a power wire directly from solenoid to the batt and see if it opens… no need to drain system… just be ready if it works

not to much to a button to break. it either makes contact or not…

id say u got a bad groound on solenoid or bad power to it

Thanks for the responses!! Yeah that sounds like a good idea guys