Just Blasted my S4 kit

all i can so is :eek: its so much louder then i thought it would be. ive been scaring people all day long since i got it, its so much fun.

ill try to get pics up but i have to take it back tomorrow because there is an air leak and the compressor is hooked up to a constant power wire so it runs with the car off about every hour. other then that the shop did a great job. hopefully i can get some pics for you guys:)

You should probably get it hooked to a switched power source or put a toggle switch in that way incase a air line ever breaks while your not around it wont kill your compressor and battery

Keep on honkin…

im taking it back to have them wire it so it only can turn on when the car is on.

but you were right when you said i would be happy with it:D

Oops, looks like they didn’t hook up the compressor to an ‘ignition on’ only wire. You might want to use a relay also.

thats what im having them do for me.

what would a relay do?

The relay allow’s you to draw power from your battery rather than the ‘ignition on’ only wire. This way you won’t strain your stock wiring system. Check Hornblasters ‘install help page’ they’ll show you relay wiring diagrams.

I installed the same setup on my truck last week and yes it has been alot of fun. They are truly louder than expected

ok thanks airchime…

yea they are really fun, and LOUD