Just came back from a road trip

Took my car around for 8 days, 1888km (1180miles) total road traveled, 2 ship rides (I took my car with me to an island) and drove around known tourist destinations. We also basically lived in my car, going to beach resorts to find a secure place and get cleaned up, pitching a tent to sleep in at night then drive to another place the next day.

In preparation for the trip, since we were expecting to travel from late night up to early morning (9hr drive) and we are headed to remote places, I decided to add LED light bars for added visibility in dark remote provincial roads.

And here are some of the pics on the various places we went to.

A little tiring since I was the one always driving (GF doesn’t drive, but she takes care of everything else including me :slight_smile: ) but the experience is well worth it.

Nice photos. I’m surprised you mounted the light bar so low to the ground - I’d be worried about getting rocks hitting it and so forth.

I wanted to mount it above the license plate but there is no place to bolt it. After that long drive, I didn’t have any trouble with rocks or it hitting a ramp so I guess it is good enough. Floods are another matter though. I may move it when I find a way.

Awesome photos and mounting setup.