Just Got A Horn Need Help On Deciding Which Air System

Hey everyone,

I was just given a *****(apparently I’m not allowed to use manufacturer’s names or it registers as a curse word…) 10" Emergency Air Horn off one of the older rigs. I cleaned it up real well, and even hooked it up to a compressor, and it works very well, and is extremely loud!

I’m gonna hook it up onto my truck, but need help deciding on which air system to buy. I wanna mount the tank, and compressor up to where my spare tire used to be. I currently drive a 2001 Ford F150 Supercrew 4x4.

I was thinking of this air system:

what do you all think? I need some insight, and opinions. Thanks everyone!

That would be a good air system for your horn.
It would even work if you decided to upgrade to shockers.

Put periods after each letter of the manufacture, then it’ll show :wink:

I think the only other thing you’ll want to have would be an electric valve to drain the tank of water occasionally. Major PITA having to drain it without it.


How do I go about getting an electric valve?

And thanks ear2ear. I picked that one cause it operated at 150psi and if I remember reading on these forums that seems to be the general pressure to use horns at.

Hornblasters sells a 1/4" valve. I’ll probably buy one too.