Just installed my Shockers!

Here are some pics and vids!

The install is on a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Cummins Turbo Diesel

very nice install, i like how you have your horns mounted. sounds great to.

kewlll but why do you have those stickers on your dash?!?!
id be more discreet, in case you’re pulled over or something
i like where the compressor and trainswitch are located tho. much more convenient than what i have.

Holy tailpipes Batman!
Seriously though, nice install!

everything looks good except for the labels… They make it look cheap imo.

Looks nice, sounds good to.

yeah i still dont know if im gona keep the labels on there or not. I put them on there for now to see if i like them or not. i want to get some of those red switch covers for them and then maybe label them with some black letters but i dont know yet. and it dont help that i miss spelled compressor either:D

haha i didnt even notice it until you said something, those red switches would look nice tho.

yeah they would, i wonder if just the red cover thingys are sold sepratley or do thy come as a hole switch combo

Don’t think I’d list them. Just incase you get pulled over.
“Nope, wasn’t me Officer, don’t know what you’re talkin about. Scared the Hell outa me too”.
OOPss! Forgot. Says “TRAIN HORN” on ma dash. LOL

yeah its probably a good idea not to put labels on them.

Does this forum have stickers that a member can get? If so, who do I need to talk to and how do I get one

Ask Garrett for a Shocker Logo Sticker. Not sure on the $$ though. He’ll get ya squared away.

He sent me a Shocker Logo and a Hornblaster.com sticker with my horn kit i ordered from him. I didnt know if there is one specific to this forum or not

pictures of you? pictures of your life?

^^ No there is no specific logo/sticker for the forum. They were working on one but got distracted and nothing came out lol. I would be down for a Trainhornforums Sticker for my honkccord