Just made my order from Hornblasters

I called and spoke with Rigo. I told him what i wanted asked for his advice on what I should get and he answered all of my questions makeing it easier for me to decide.

S4 Train Horn Kit 540 with the ViAir 480C 200 PSI Constant Duty Air Compressor Pump Kit with HornAir Black 5 Gallon 8 Port DOT Air Tank :smiley:

I tried to also get the 5-in-1 Tire Inflation/Deflation Coil Hose kit but they were out of stock for atleast a week so.:mad: I will be calling back when they are in stock :smiley:

My package should arrive middle of next week Wed.

And now the waiting begins tick tock tick tock damn tick tock tick tock time is slow lol

not a bad set up. the shockers do quite well. i drove over to hornblasters and tested mine against there p3 they had hooked up and its pretty damn close imho. ima get me one of them kits when i go pick up another tank in a couple weeks.

excellent choice… you’ll be happy rigo is the bomb he has all the answers ol =)

welcome to the HORN FAMILY…