just ordered

my omega 3s. should be here sometime next week. i should also be getting some K3s pretty soon too. so in about a month or so ill have a total of 9 horns. i cant wait

Sweet! Post up some pics when you get them.

will do. i cant wait. my new tank should be here next week too

how big ur tank is gonna be bro?

3 gallon. plus the 1.5 i have now. will probably need a bigger one after i get the k3s though

I wanted a 12 gallon…but 4 Wheel Parts screwed up and sent me a 20 gallon. Oh well, I probably haven’t run my compressors 15 minutes total since installed them. I can get about ten 1 second blasts before the compressors even come on. WOOT!

ha. sounds like a nice screw up. i wish i could get a 20 gallon. i just dont have room for it. i have a huge bed, but i haul stuff quite a bit and it would be in the way

UPDATE: got a tracking number. my stuff should be here wednesday. expect a video in the next week

so who else hates waiting for UPS? my package it “Out for Delivery” right now. the UPS guy is only late on days i want something

hahaha i know they are always late when you are waiting something from them if you are no waiting nothing they pass by urhouse 3 or 4 times lol

its always like that…my business work only with them, im always awating for poop to come in

well they finally came.
heres the old horns vs. the new ones. i got them installed last night but it was too late to make a video. ill try to get some more pics today of them under the truck

how much psi were u pushing the old ones with?

just 120, they were pretty loud, just too high pitched for me

see i pushed those at like 160…wasnt loud nor high pitch…so i tried 200 and still the same…but i only have the 2 horn one…what r u gonna do with those?

Well I was gonna hook them up once I my new tank coMes in and see how it sounds. If it sounds retarded then I’ll probably sell them

depending on how much i might pick em up

ok. ill let you know when im ready to sell them

for sure