just walked in

hey all. just joined, so i figured i’d come in here and wave to everybody before posting my first question. waves

Welcome to the forum

welcome! honks

Welcome to the house of fun!

heh! thanks all!

Where’d u walk from?

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i guess you could say i walked here from fjcruiserforums.com. :smiley: i think that’s where i first got the idea of putting a train horn in my truck.


(hmm…i just noticed this forum is hosted by hornblasters.com. wouldn’t a train horn forum hosted by a company that sells train horns place some restrictions on free speech? like when it comes to comparing retailers and such?)

Welcome, ASL?

Its free speech here…just don’t mention the other guys …lol jk.its all good here…were open to talk about anything …and u can search the forums …not everyone has horn blasters train horns and they come in here with their issues and we help them no matter what…its not all about hornblasters its more about a train horn community

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thanks. no, i’ve dabbled in it but i don’t really know sign language.


very cool. thanks!

so i won’t get booted for saying, “train horn dealer X’s prices are WAY better than hornblasters’” or something like that?

No u wont get booted…but they cannot beat the customer service here or warranty or help from this forum… plus hornblasters horns are louder then the competition …
What horns are u looking to get?

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well, louder is no inducement to me…my first question to the forums was how to make a K5LA quieter without otherwise changing the sound. i want my horns to keep me safe and sound great, but making people jump out of their skin and/or damaging their hearing would just make me an a****le, and that’s not the effect i’m looking for. :wink:

good customer service and a good warranty are fantastic things…hmm. and i was about to say i’m not sure how much more i’m willing to pay to get them, but i have to say i am much more impressed with hornblasters’ page for their $1749 complete K5LA kit than i was with the competition’s page for their $1399 one, which told me nothing about the kit except the price (and their kit probably doesn’t include Vlair components either).

are hornblasters’ K5LAs really louder than the competition’s K5LAs? :confused:

k5las are pretty much all the same i was talking more about their black horns…but most of us bought our k5s and nathans off ebay used…

Welcome! There are a few guys who refurb horns so keep an eye out.

A K5 is a K5… both are the same DB rating… unless of course it isn’t a true K5. You have to watch out for those guys that are selling a “K3/K5” but when you look at it all of the bells are the same length.

To make a K5 quieter simply put a restrictor plate in it before adding air… that will limit the airflow to the horns therefore making them quieter. You’ll notice that most guys/gals in here don’t have the restrictor plates. I know I sure don’t.

Ken Kanne has very good reputation with refurbishing and selling horns. His e-mail is kkanne@centurytel.net