Just wanna Say Thanks

Ok So this goes to

Matt, Josh, Tiernan, Garrett, Rigo, And Anyone Else I forgot…

I would like to say thanks to the great support and help you guys offer, the great company, and everything else you guys put into hornblasters.com…And everyone who reads this i hope understands what these guys do for us, and 99% of it is for free… So Sure they all Like to hear a Thanks from time To time…

Thanks for everything guys, matt you the most, you helped me out alot, and ill def get you some pics and videos, well take hornblasters to the next level…and if anyone else wants to be on the Train… Jump On…

Honk EBAY…

Honk Air Horns Of Texas

Get Your poop from the People Who help you out the MOST…


Thanks Again…

That’s just the nicest thing anyone’s ever said. thanks Johnny, I’m happy that you’re happy! HONK HONK HONK!

big old FU*K YEAH and +1

Agreed! Best damn company out there! Best customer support ever! Best products ever! and the most friendly people ever! :cool:

hornblasters FTMFW!!!

Its an Epic Win!

Seriously the best company I’ve ever dealt with. You guys can expect more of my business around Christmas :smiley:

Just wanted to agree on the best company ever…im jeremy an avid sponsor in texas…well not texas no more its yongsan, korea now

Yeah. Great customer service. Fast shipping. GREAT COMPANY! I recommend you guys to everyone!!!

Hornblaster ftmfw they have one of the best costumer service ever… Everytime i call them with some questions they just answer them and help me resolve my problem thx guys once again and keep up the great work and costumer service!

For sure! Bad A$$ customer service…Everytime i call with a question i get it answered. Good job guys I’ll make sure to send in my setup to the installs page on hornblasters as soon as its done

Sounds good! I’d love to have that truck up on the website.

I didn’t find this site until I had already bought just about all my stuff, but I am sure that I will buy from them in the future.

^ According to your signature you should get an Oasis, they are “Proudly Made in the USA”.

HORNBLASTERS.COM??? Never heard of them!!! LoL

I’m kinda hooked, more so now than I ever was!

I Been dealing with Garrett at HornBlasters HQ. Top man, Sent him trillions of emails (well about 25!) And we then finally struck up a deal. He would respond within minutes of me sending him an email, which makes for excellent customer service in my book.

Well done to the chappies at Hornblasters and cant wait to get my parcel!

Keep up the good work!

Yep, customer service is extremely important these days and HB has one of the best.