Just wanted to bring this up... wireless..

For those of you who have your horns mounted to a separate switch and not the factory horn switch… one night at a restaurant i was inside eating and was lookig out the window while some asshole was leaning on my truck talking to someone outside. all i could do was hit my panic button on my key fob to get him off of my truck with the factory horn the next day i had the idea i wanted to go wireless with the big horns so the next person that leaned on my truck wouldn’t have a chance…

I had a hyundai keyless entry module from friend and all i needed was a relay to complete the deal… I hooked up the power to the module as normal the keyless entry i had has a accessory leg that would send a signal for as long as you held the button on the remote down i like this better than the hooking it up to your factory horn because using the panic button just beeps your horn over and over this way allows you to hold the button down as long as you want the horn to blow.

you should be able to add this to your horn setup verry easily using the keyless entry module HornBlasters.com sells and a simple $5 relay

Just wanted to let people know of this option who dont have their horn hooked up to their factory horn and wanted to go wireless this also works GREAT for parking your car and scaring people who walk by while u sit back and enjoy the fun without being spotted! if anyone has any questions or needs help feel free to ask!

thats awesome! nice read… ive been wanting to do this for awhile now…
I’m def. gonna do this real soon!
I may even make a “How to” for it…

Yeah it’s definately fun. I had an extra channel on my alarm so I did it on my truck. All it takes is a relay and a little bit of wire to jump around your horn button/switch. My truck is bagged so little kids like to put their hands on the bedsides and try to look in. I can get em up to like 1000 ft. haha.

Nice… I got a bagged truck too… What u drive?? Any pics of the vehicle and horns?? Also what horns are u running and most importanly… Welcome to the Forums…lol

a write up would be awesome! :cool:

Here’s mine :wink:


i go to the county jails, D/Cs and the Sheriffs HQ alot, id be worried about it getting radio interference and the horns going off randomly when im not around