K & n fipk 57-3050

I have a Brand new , never opened K&N FIPK , part # 57-3050

This is the identical one i have on my truck. My sister bought this for her husband and he ended up selling the truck before he put it on so its just taking up space in her house. She is looking to get $180 - obo - Price reduced And that is the shipped price! (Canada, please inquire within about pricing as it might be more) She is firm on the price as this is less than she paid , and less than i paid for my own… But money talks so please feel free to inquire.

Heres some pictures of the box…

And heres some pictures of the same unit on my truck (06 silverado 5.3)

K and N product specs page…

Heres a list of application it will fit on. Please make sure it will fit on your vehicle .

Paypal is the preferred way to pay , Any questions please feel free to ask. I am listing this on other truck forums as well… First come first served!

good deal! those go for $400

when i bought mine, i paid just under 300 w/ shipping off ebay… I think she paid around $260 so yea she is defiantely taking a hit but sick of it sitting there …

goodluck…those k & n filters are the poop!!

Yea they are awesome, i love mine…


PRICE REDUCED FOR THE LAST TIME, I was offered $180 for it on gm-trucks.com but the guy backed out because he got his volant fixed , so i will throw it up here also for his offer of $180! (i know there are not many fullsizes (chevy)on this site but it cant hurt to try , and if you know anyone with a fullsize let them know about this smokin deal!)

hmm i may be interested… maaaayyyybeee

Only problem, it might not fit… According to the website they say your truck needs the 57-3033 part #… I couldnt tell you what the diff is tho…

They look identical…

I had the K&N FIPK on my 2004 4.7L Tundra for almost a year. I removed the unit and put the stock airbox back in with a high flow OEM style filter and noticed more performance. I could not believe the difference in power and acceleration once I removed the K&N FIPK. The K&N sounded better wide open with it sucking air, but I guess I must have got use to the performance. I told my buddy who had a Dodge Ram who removed his as well and he too could tell noticeable gain without the K&N FIPK. I dont know what I was thinking, but IMO these are way over rated. It was like driving a new truck and I could not believe the difference. Try it!!

No need to whore this guys classified thread

buck did you have duals on that truck or stock exhaust? I noticed a great improvement of low end power on my truck with it. I know of a lot of other on my truck forums that have said same thing. Maybe a tundra stock intake has a decent size tube, but the stock silverado one is so small there is a lot of restriction.

Sold on another forum

Hey bud, I appologize, I was not bashing your classified.

I have a stainless steel Borla Dual exhaust system on my Tundra and with the stock airbox, I noticed increased throttle repsonse and power compared to the K&N FIPK System.