k3 bell

fellas, need clerification on the difference bettween a K3 & a K3A bell?
thanks in advance :smiley:

ones canadian ones american
one with A on end is american

thanks scaredu:D

The Canadian 3 is also tuned to play a different note than the American 3a. The 3a is bored out to play a slightly lower note.

gotcha honda guy. seen my mail yet? looks like my upgrade is turning into a k5l without a k3a bell.talked with friend who swapping out my 4a for a 4 and getting me a k5l mount for my k3 mount and 100.00 whatcha think? essentially making a canadian K5l.

Sounds good to me. Everyone has K5H(L)As. I really like the sound of Canadian K5’s better. Oh and I sent you a PM just a second ago.

got it thanks matt.:smiley:

I heard the last week that Canada has a regulation that all train horns sound the same.

if that happens it would have to be grandfathered in to effect. so are they to change all canadian engines to k5la’s?? :eek:

keep in mind the canadian k5 is straight #1 - #5 bells no 3A NO 4A BELLS.:smiley:

I’m not sure if that regulation is for everything. I was told it applies to the locomotives there.