k3 custom brackets

ok new here by a few days. dont know if this has been covered.
picked up a used nathans airchime k3la kit and well my vehicle is small. so was thinking of using this kit for the bells.


any one use this or heard of these. any feedback greatly appreciated

Yeah, those are the brackets that everyone uses unless they can make their own.

I got those on my truck and they work great

how did you install? does the length of each air line from the splitter box make a difference. say if i want to put one bell on the left side of my front bumper and the other 2 on the right side. do i have to make sure each bell has the same length of line from the splitter box.

It helps to have them close. Maybe within a foot or two. Never saw anyone post that their tube lengths made a big difference.

If you can’t mount the manifold half way between all the horns, just figure your longest tube 1st and cut them all that same length.

Silvy can answer if his made a difference…