K3 Install - Air Help

Hey all,
I’ve been on the forum for a while, but now just getting time to mess with my horn. I’ve got a K3LA and today I bought a 10 Gal 175psi tank. Going to mount under my 08 F-250. Need a bit of help on compressor selection.

I started with the OB2 and a 5 gallon tank, but you’ll need two of them if you don’t want to worry about voiding any warranties.

If fill times are a concern, or you just want more air at a faster rate, you could also look into the Oasis XD3000, a York 210 converted to an air compressor, or something like I have which is Extreme Outback’s ExtremeFlow engine driven compressor.

It really depends on what you want to do, and how much you want to spend.


It’s getting a bit dated now (due for an update) but check out the chart of the most common compressor options on the market here:

Welcome to the forum. The Oasis 5 gallon fill rate for both compressors from 0 to 200 PSI is about 1 minute and from 165 to 200 it’s about 13 seconds.