K3 on a impala ls

I was on Craigslist and somebody was selling a k3 that was on a 03 impala ls but I didn’t get ask them if it was ha or la cause I want to get one for my impala. so far I have a hornblasters outlaw on the car right now and you can barely see it but I want to get a k3 cause it’s not as tall but I would like to know which will fit better a k3ha or k3la. If anybody has done this before please let me know thanks.

The riser part of the manifold is shorter on a K3LA.
If you get a good deal on the horns, you could put your savings towards a bracket kit.

Get trainhornforum mounting brackets from real train horns.net look at my cover pick and you can see how I mounted them I’ll try 2post more picks but haven’t figured it out lol hope this helps I put a k3la on a civic w 4 shockers fun times bro good luck