K3...what and how much

somes tellin me they have

" set of 3 leslie horns not sure what series and comes with a viar 450 compressor gc350 xtreme valve and a 4 gallon tank"

what could it be and how much is it really worth?

umm it sounds like maybe they just worded some stuff wrong. they probally meant to say a leslie horn with 3 bells, prob. a LESLIE rs3k or rs3L. i would prob spend around $650.00

espically if the compressor, and air tank is used.

hmmmm 650? are these things loud? is it easy to sell my shocker kit?

where did u see this listing at??.
it should be easy to sell your shocker kit .
but i think 650 is a reasonable price

some guy emailed me about it on one of the forums im on…

oh and can i keep my 200 psi/ 2 gal tank and use everything the same but the horns?

If the horn is really dirty I wouldn’t spend 650. I paid 275 for my Leslie and it was filthy. I had to do alot of work to get it looking and sounding right. I would probably check the horn out first. Get a pic of it, find out if all the bells sound, etc. And no, do not sound a Leslie at 200 psi. You will screw it up QUICK.

Exactly as what he said ^^^^^^

sorry i dont even have the 200 idk why i wrote that… i have the 150 psi …ok i will try and get pics

Leslie recommends only 145 psi MAX on their site. I’m not sure if 5 psi over will hurt it since you probably won’t be honking like a locomotive does.

I agree

hmmm ok how bout a set of lesile r3s? i believe it is… they are black… how much is this think worth?

wait is that the same thing? what is the horn pictured above? and its value?

This looks like a picture from tom akers ebay listings…what was the asking price again…??

it was for 389 buy it now… but i talked to some ppl they said just save and go with nathans

sometimes…depends…if that was the horn for 389 go with it…a k3la will run you around 450+. plus that is a rs3k with spiked tab backs…a def awesome horn for that price

Nah, Go with the Nathans… Easier to find parts and easier to mount with the size difference.

ehsan,just save and get some nathans,u heard mine the other night,u kno what im sayin

will… its different though, because he didnt hear your k3’s… he heard your k11’s… which is a big difference

True true…but remember matt old leslies are harder to get your hands on then nathan’s…and a real collector can spot a good leslie…and work on one…