K3H install on Ford Ranger

Hey guys I posted some forums about my ideas and advice I needed before ordering and installing all of this. Thanks to you guys this is my outcome.


  • Nathan Airchime K3H (Canadian southern pacific fright train)
  • vivair 400c compressor
  • 1/2 air solenoid (from hornblasters.com)
  • 5 gallon 8 port tank

Basically I didn’t want to spend $1500 on the hornblasters kit so I built my own!

Got the horns for $480 complety rebuilt, new bolts, diaphrams, and sand blasted. Compressor $150. Tanks $80. Solenoid $45. Broad fittings $100. Air lines $50. Pressure switch 120-150psi $10.

Came out to around $950 so I saved myself some cash! Anyway it took two weekends to install. I bolted the horns, tank, and compressor down with lag bolts so it’s a nice clean look ontop of the bed, nice and flush looking. All switches have fuses and relays. Oh by the way everything is hidden completely steal ad all underneath my bed. Also threw on a quick release fitting to pump up tires, blow air, whatever!

It’s a great working system and if you has any questions, comments, suggestions please let me know! I can also post more pics.

Thanks for looking!

Horn botton

Compressor turn off switch.

Nice install - got her all stuffed in there & kept your spare tire.
Have you checked your suspension travel for horn clearance? You could always add bump stops if you needed them.

Very nice install!! Very stealth! :slight_smile:

Have you thought about making a bracket to flip the compressor over?

Dont forget to post a video of it!

Question: Is it possible to mount the compressor sideways? Must it be mounted with the cylinder upright?
Answer: Yes, you can mount our compressors in any direction or position because they are oil-less. The only position we do not recommend is an upside-down mount, since heat tends to travel upward.

I thought these compressors were indestructible… :frowning: I’ll wait until this one goes out. And hopefully get another one for being under warraty. Thbals for letting me know I might just flip it with a plate on bottom and top. I’ll have to do some recording, I have some videos but there not very good. Are gopros good for recording train horns? Or my plain old iPhone 4S? Lol

nice install! very hidden haha

i made sure before installation the rear end wouldnt have a problem… as long as i dont hit some minor jumps ill be fine! and i also have bump stops so itall be ok… ill flex out my truck snap some pics and add them along with a video.

Nice install! If you don’t run the compressor long enough to get hot then it will last longer.

i try not to keep it running, considering running dual 400c compressor to take the load off of one.

You could always go to a metal shop and get them to bend you a chunk of steel on their brake in a square C shape and clamp from the top where its clamped now… That would allow you to bolt it on the bottom of the C plate.

nice install!!! i really like that way you mounted those… i might actually try this on my truck when i tackle my install soon

That’s a great idea… I didn’t have that in mind but now since I can picture it that would work great. More like a square or a square without one side. Darn that’s a great idea!!

Thanks man, really want to keep that spare tire like me I guess.

actually my spare tire is pretty much useless… my truck has 35’s and the spare is still stock size… i mainly just want them where you mounted them to have them in a subtle place… dont want anyone to be able to just look at the truck and see them easily lol… i like the stealth of your install… it’s in cognito hahaha


They could cut you a chunk that is about 6 wide at the top bend, 8 at the side bend then another 6 bend for the bottom.

I got new flame tamers (plates that cover the flame) made for our BBQ a few weeks ago… went to a metal shop… They cut the chunks to size, braked them in the middle to the correct bend. Had all three done for $17 out the door. At walmart, the tamers were $33. EACH here, would have been about $115 after taxes.

Hahah well thanks a lot… I really wanted it to be steals so I did my best. And yeah but it would e easier for you to be able to drop the spare tire because I didn’t have the special ford tool to drop my spare and had to go I from the front and front drive shaft. It wasn’t that hard but honestly a b*^%# but worth it. I had to mount the horn manifold first and then assemble the horns underneath my truck. And instead of bolts to secure everything uder my bed i used lag bolts and they sunk right in my bedliner which is LineX, so the bolts are flush with my bed and look like factory, especially when i hit them with some spray paint. But yeah i just never saw anyone install everything hidden so I figure hey I’ll do it!

If you want some pictures or have any questions I can help you out.

That’s awesome I love being resourceful and making my own fabrication… Hopefully there’s a metal shop that can do the work for as cheap
As your got it because I haven’t been around to many cheap metal/machine shops!

Check out the yellow pages for some smaller mom & pop stores…

The one I went to here, has been here for ages and almost never bothered, but WOW! They had full state of the art machinery, all CNC driven, large brake, large cutters, etc… But the outside looked like it could be condemned and hasnt seen an update since the 60s… lol

Call around and ask for the price on a 12"x18" plate of something like 1/8" or thicker with two bends. That would save you accidently going to the worlds most expensive machine shop :wink:

Ooh ok. Haha nice well I know of a shop like that in thinking of asking. It’s not even labeled or has a sign! But that’s really cool I can thank you enough for the information and thought you have given me. Ill call up a shop right now that I familiar with but never done any work with them so once I get some feedback and have it made I’ll send you some pics and let you know how everything is going.

glad to help :slight_smile:

Why deal with worrying your compressor will overheat or fail down the road when it can be fixed easy now :slight_smile:

Nice to see My Old K3H Getting Put to Good Use…