k3h vs k3la video


Both horns at 120psi from 75 feet.
The K3H (me) goes first on the right.

The video was i weird format so i couldn’t get it into movie maker to edit, but ill get a converter and edit one soon.

Much needed comparison. I like that k3h the deeper tone is nice. Still like the k3la tho. good video

i like the k3la better

You picked the right horn. I like yours better

Thank you for using a decent air pressure. Keeps your horn from sounding like overblown junk. Your horn sounds great by the way, like it’s supposed to :slight_smile:

The dude on the right was about to loose his pants…I had a flashback of MC Hammer there for a minute…

Nice sound comparison

WTF? Spammer??

Oh and grandtxurismo, havent listened to the video yet but I will. Horn ON!!!