K3HA air consumption

im just curious with a 5 gallon tank runnin at say 175psi and 1/2 inch lines and valve…how many good scare blasts can you get outta that tank before you start losing honkage?

Depends on how long you honk? lol

well it seems a 1 second blast will usually scare the poop outta someone so lets go with that lol

u can get alot of blast outta it… but of course ur compressor will be kickin on alot

5gal is plenty. But more is ‘mo bettah’. Go with two 5gal tanks or a single 8.5gal tank, if it will fit. You’ll also need at least 2 compressors for a fast fill rate.

sweet you have an 04 tundra i’ve got an 01. is it just me or does toyota have a knack for some pretty gay sounding factory horns? i suppose i’ll stick with the one 5gal for now and see how it works out i can always add to it down the road :slight_smile: once i get the money tree planted that is

yea my money tree is running dry around this time… damn fall!

Isnt are money trees always running dry…