K3ha arrived today!!

Came home to find my K3HA has arrived. man is it large! the markings have nathan stamped into the tube of each bell with the number of the bell, also on the caps I think the numbers 38120 are stamped into the caps. what does this tell me! looking at this big boy I think I will have to use my spare tire location like buckfever did on his yota,not to copy you bro but it’s not gonna fit in the pocket aft of the l/h spring shackle area!:smiley:

38120? Sure it isn’t 30109? And what numbers are on your bells? 1,2,3? or 1,2,4a? Take pics man! lol

hondaguy , your correct the 30109 number is the correct number. they are numbered Nathan 1 ,2 ,4. other side of bell tube says airchime on each.
what does this denote?:cool:

does it say Airchime then the number? See if the 4 bell has an “A” above the words Airchime.

no number A just 1,2,4

Hm that’s weird. It should have an A on the 4 bell. Here’s a pic of where it should be. Right above the Airchime logo.

nice! get it installed and start makin some videos!

yeah it’s got the A over the 4 airchime logo. thanks for the help guys!:smiley: only thing it doesn’t have is the id plate on the frame.:eek:

usually when it has an A it means its a sharp usually of the D Chord. the manifold should have a builders tag on it, if not its okay its still a nathan product