k3ha gw valve...let me know what you think


Dang. Very cool


all that noise for less than a thousand bucks

nice! i love the sound of a k3

It is REALLY loud in person!

I can’t say I like the sound of a K3 at all lol. I do own one and I used to like the sound. The thing that ruined it for me was every train around here now has a K3 or a K5. Barely any Leslies or Primes or P horns at all. I’m just sick of hearing em lol

haha… which one sounds prettiest the Nathan or the Leslies?

nathan m5 wish i had one

my favorites are a nathan p3 and a leslie rs5t

That depends on alot of factors. How old the horn is, where it was cast, what make, etc. Also, it depends on what you think sounds pretty. I just like Leslies better because of their louder, deeper tone. lol

leslie horns are louder and I debated over a k3 and a rs3k and went with the nathan because parts and general knowledge of the horns are much easier to come by and the durability between the two doesnt compare, nathan wins that battle. I am going to get a leslie before to long infact I think hondaguy want to give me his so i can use it for a while…lol:D

lol… i don’t think it’ll fit under there. I know where you can buy one pretty cheap though ($275 shipped or so) but it will be very dirty. I can clean it for you and stuff if ya want, I like working on them lol As a matter of fact, here’s mine after a couple hours of stripping and cleaning…

love the sounds… sounds good i need to get a vid of mine in action

you sure do i wanna see/hear your set up

w ell i got it posted the pics under your ride thread… k5s on 01 silverado its named…

vids coming…

That sh!t is retardedly over the top… I love it


put the video up johnny! Im bored on here