K3HA mounted...

just waiting on the Air Zenith to get in so i can finish up! man i’m goin crazy i wanna scare someone so bad it’s been toooooooooo lonnnnnnngggg

just and horns look really good!

Nice ride! Turn your back caps right side up and put some anti-seize on the bolts. Find some bonnets on e-bay so your chimes don’t ingest any rocks.

ive got a number somewhere from Garrett to get the bonnets (Garrett is probably the most helpful salesman i’ve ever talked to on a phone). any particular reason for the anti-seize? vibration i’m guessing?

anti-seize not threadlock oops i wasnt thinkin

Near where my K5LAs are going, except I will use all the factory holes and have removed the spare tire hanger. The hole where it hangs is where my air line will route.

Matt, I haven’t forgotten. As soon as I have a good mount design - I’ll have another made and sent to you for your work truck!

put the horns in the front of the truck for max effectiveness

seriously? i could have them mounted a half block away and still produce the same effect lol i dont think you fully realize how loud these bad boys are…

Honestly if they truly are 150dbs, give or take a few, you wont be able to tell the difference… no matter where they are. Unless they are muffled under something and even then they will still be loud.