K3HA question ?

read the other day how to tell the new style from old style k series horns,just can’t find the thread.my horn has stamped into the caps the number 30109 and on the bells it has NATHAN & the bell number . now is this the real deal? canadian made or what? just curious :smiley:

Yeah, it’s the real deal (just assuming from the description). If the bells say 1,2,4a, it is a K3HA(American tuned). If the bells have 1,2,3, it is Canadian tuned. If it has 1,2,3 with those back caps, I’d still say it’s all American, just mixmatched. I’m pretty sure you’ve got the 4a bell though lol

hondaguy, just has NATHAN 1, 2 4 .NO LETTER A ON BELL4.

Sorry to respond to both lol. Didn’t know which one you’d be checking

hondaguy no oplogizes needed. I found the letter A on the 4 bell. so it’s american tuned real deal k3ha. great now I can exhale!!:smiley:

the A in the bell just means its sharp, different chord when sounded, new k3s only have nathan on them since airchime got bought out by nathan, old horns used to have both nathan airchime like the p series.

…Mine’s an older one and doesn’t say anything on the bells except the number. The new cast bells have Airchime and the number…

Mine’s an older one and doesn’t say anything on the bells except the number. The new cast bells have Airchime and the number…

My K5LA are the same with cast numbers and stamped “A”. My bells do not have Airchime stamped on them anywhere other than the back cover.

[b]here’s what mine look like buck


No no on the bells it will say 4a or 3a. Such as the 1l bell it dosent mean its a die-cast or sand-cast. Alot of the holden k3la’s have the “a” bells

Canadian K3’s have ‘AirChime made In Canada’ on the back caps. The number on the back cap is nothing more than a part number~all K series horns have the same part number for the back cap. All ‘Made in Canada’ chimes are sand cast unless someone took a Canadian cap and installed it on a die cast bell. The ‘H’ or ‘L’ on K series horns mean either ‘high’ manifold or ‘low’ manifold. All newer K bells have AirChime on the sides of the bells, older ones do not. Some American tuned bells don’t have an ‘A’ stamped on the 3 or 4 bell; Those bells had their power chambers bored out after manufacture to conform to the tone change and/or requirement, this of course were done on older bells. All K1L bells are sand cast.

I found this link, which seems to do a nice job explaining the history and naming protocol:


Not all K1L bells are sand cast, Alot of the Holden K3la’s have Die-cast Bells

Really?! What year did Holden make their die cast chimes??

Nice! Make that set-up retractable; this way I can still fit in my garage.:smiley:

haha that looks dumb… oh and i like the bell on the front bumper…LOL!!

Holden produced American tuned K horns?

If there are no “A” markings on the bells, this is considered a “canadian” tuned, thus making his horn labeled K3L or K3H depending on manifold. Unless the horn was created from Nathan Airchime 2006 to present, some of there bells will not have the “A” markings. You would have to do a sound (db) test to see which octive the “4” actually hits.

My #3 bell dosen’t have an ‘A’ stamped on the side but the power chamber has been milled out making it an ‘A’ chime.

yes holden did make american tuned k horns