K3ha set -up installed

[b]Finally got the K3ha and the 19 gallon hornblasters tank w/ dual Viair 400c pumps installed yesterday. here’s what I refer to my" erector set " tank mount and pumps. all aluminum frame.

[/b] still have to crawl under the truck to get the horn set up and post
as I forgot to take my camera with me for the install. :eek:
OK got the close up of the tank mount to riser here you go:

and here’s the horn mounted in the spare tire well. had to use threaded rod to make suspension spacers.


Looks Great!
I how the tank is mounted!

the 2 risers have a additional piece of flat stock that it suspended bettween the front of the riser and the back.the footer for the tank is bolted to that suspended plate. quite secure. built the whole mount in my bedroom office, BUT boy have I got a bad case of aluminum filings in the carpet. DON’T have a garage in my apt. oh well :frowning:

nice looking setup.

but arent the compressors suppose to be mounted above the tank to prevent moisture getting into them? or does it really matter?:confused:

big red vette , actually no cause at the end of the compressor hoses are a check valve .:smiley:

oh ok im still a newb to train horns. thanks for clearing that up for me:D

no probs big red:d

But Please note that those check valves can go bad after some time. So it is recommended that the compressor be above the tank. None the Less thats a pretty kick donkey setup!

thanks acro.will take this under advisement!:cool:

what is ur fill time on those comrpressors in ur 19 gallon tank…???