K3l horn for sale!

Like title says, its in good condition sounds good! Will vibrate the ground.

please email me im looking to get $450. Need to sell asap.


looks like its a k3ha

I’m pretty sure you should stick around here a little longer before trying to sell something. Maybe read the stickied thread at the top of this section.

If you would google my name “tx06titan” You would see im pretty well known at titantalk.com

Thanks anyways…

And what does that have to do with this forum? This isn’t titantalk.com

Is that horn loud? I am looking for a kit.

Its very loud! I have it listed on ebay now.


To show im not ripping people off. Get off my jock bro…

Please read the rules buddy, he isnt on your “jock”

If you don’t have at least a few posts on here don’t waste your time posting a for sale thread. We don’t mind people wanting to sell stuff they are no longer using or wanting to just get rid of, but if you are going to try to sell something please try and be part of the forum. If you would like to just list something for sale please find a site that is meant for just that alone, For Example : Ebay , Craigslist.

Thank you!


Not “on your jock”. Just helping enforce one of the few rules here.

Where are u located?

Houston texas area.

I am here in Dallas.

I can ship them to you or you can meet me in huntsville.

Here is my cell- text me with what you want to do.

832 454 5556