K3L or K3LA

I would like to buy either the K3L or the K3LA but would like to know everyones opinion first. I would like to get the higher pitch one as I think it sounds and echo’s better. K5LA maybe too big and expensive to ship here in P.I. I am sure someone here knows what the size of the K3’s compression fitting that goes to the horn. I will be using 1/2 airline and valve. I want to buy everything I need there in States as it is terribly difficult to buy those things here… I already have 2 5gl tanks and a 2 400c’s coming. I should be able to use some of the stuff that came with the S4 except for the hose and valve, am I right on that?

islandmike, the k3l is the canadian version #1,#2,#4 bells. the american version is the k3la or #1,#2,#4A either version take a 1/2"npt fitting to go in the base. the biggest considreration is the pressure.keep it close to 125-150 psi range for best sound. the k5l size wise is 30" from outside of bell 5 to bell 4.it is also heavy @ approx 35lbs as compared to the k3h or low at about 24" wide and about 20-25lbs . sounds like your in pretty good shape. blast a jeepny for me will ya?? john

as for which horn you get thats all up to you. if i remember correctly the fitting in the K series horns is 1/2 NPT someone correct me if i’m wrong. if you are getting tanks and compressors really all you need is some airline, fittings, and the air valve. and yeah i think you should be able to use some of the stuff that came with the S4 kit.

Oh man! those K5LA’s are huge, my wife would have had problem carrying it, she is only 5’2" ha ha… good thing I lost on the bidding. Jeepneys and Tricycles are the best to blast coz they are wide open and within 50 feet or less.
I noticed on ebay that K3L(New) and K3LA(restored) have the same price, should I go for the new one or does it matter? I am puzzled.


Actually, the K3 Canadian tuned is bells #1,#2,#3. Just a little fyi :smiley:

Oh and Mike, it is really up to you. I might go with new since it will already have new internals and a used one may be in not so good of shape. New K horns don’t sound AT ALL as good as the old ones did but for scaring purposes, that doesn’t matter as it is just as loud. I think jumbled messes scare better than a nice melodic horn anyways lol

make sure the new one IS NOT! the “OTR” over the road horn… cuz they just plain suck…lol

they sell them on ebay for the exact same price as hornblasters.com sells the real K5LA locomotive horn:eek:…gee thats a tough decision

Does the K3L or K3LA any louder or better than the S4’s? It may also be a waste if there is not much difference. I also have to order it soon for it to be here by New Year… it gets very loud here in my Town on New Years day, kinda like 4th of July in States.

you might as well go with the best right off the bat cause i can promise you later…you will want to upgrade. the s4’s at 150psi are pretty loud but the K3 is like the daddy and the K5 is the grand-daddy of all train horns you will find on hornblasters hands down. thats just my opinion

Just so EVERYONE knows, the Over The Road horns are the same as any other K5/K3/P5/whatever. The only difference is they have a restrictor plug in the base that CAN be removed. It’s the same as a locomotive’s horn once the plug is unscrewed.

Oh and the K3 is still like 1-3 db louder than the k5

Awesome! I will go for the K3 then. I like how K5 sounds although I am sure it will get damage in shipping here in P.I. plus shipping will be too expensive due to a non standard size of packaging.

well u dont ship the horns put together… u break it all down and ship it… wouldnt be THAT expensive…

Perfect idea although I don’t think my wife would know how to take em apart, I’d ask her if she has the courage though. Maybe we could do it over the phone or maybe on a video cam never thought about that. How long just for the mount anyway? If I am not mistaken, there are just two bolts per horn, correct?

Yep just 2 bolts hold each bell to the manifold.

Spend the money now and get a ‘real’ train horn…I wish I did!