K3LA 150psi 1/2"Line 5Gallon Install Complete

I finally installed my K3LA on my F350 Super Duty today and WOW. I mounted the tank and compressor to the frame rail on the passenger side. The Air Chime I had a bracket made up of 1/4" steel and welded to the spare bracket. I will post pics soon. I am using 1/2" DOT line with a air ride 1/2" electric valve. I even have a light on the dash letting me know the compressor is on so when the light goes out its time to rock and roll. I’d like to thank Old Man John for helping me with the compressor and tank. The first person I showed was someone with one of those 300.00 tin setups with a 1.5 gallon tank and 3/8" air line, he lost his mind when he heard mine. If your going to do a setup the best was is just get a real one (Nathan K series). for the 2 or 3 hundred more its DEF worth it. The air horns on the truck I drive at work, Mack Granite, are poo poo compared to these and mine are facing down about 2’ from the ground.

hahah on the way home i was just thinking about putting a light in my dash for the compressor

Yea, my truck is a diesel with 5" full exhaust and a 6" tip no muffler so I can sort of hear the compressor (no rubber grommets to the frame rail) with the windows down… The only thing I would of changed was with a 5 gallon setup run a 450. I can’t complain because I got the 380, tank and pressure switch for a AWSOME deal. maybe down the road I will sell the 380c and run two 450’s. The truck def has the amperage for them.

Don’t knock the P series or the best kept secret the J3. Glad to see it up and running.

My compressor is loud enough that i dont need a light , and its mounted in the bed… viar 380 c

nice… post some pics up!

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HEY PAUL, glad to hear your up & running.all I did was get you started which was no problem.the thing with these horns is simple,they’re like tattoos you start off with a small one at first,then it starts getting to be more and more elaborate with time. yeah get those pics up & happy honkin!!:smiley:

haha yea i started off with the conductor special… my small tattoo… then jumped to a k5la… my full sleeve wrapped around my back…lol

Started with a grover stuttertone 19inch horn. Moved to a poo poo chrome 3 piece then up to a k5la and then to a kahlenberg s-203c for vessels over 75m (246ft) in length…can wait to honk this on new years

I don’t get it? The J3 isn’t a secret lol and it’s nearly identical to a K horn inside minus a diffuser ring.