K3LA 540 placement on 05 explorer

hows it going everyone? im planning on purchasing these horns and plan on putting them where the spare goes. i was just wondering if anyone has a pic of how they mounted them up under there. any help would be great thanks.

also what accessory wire you pulled dont want to screw the truck up in any way. thanks again.

anyone ? lol

I saw one guy (se7en) on the forum weld a plate underneath there with predrilled mounting holes. This was on an F150 though I believe, maybe a Ram but yeah.

For my car, I used the blinker fuse lol I’m pretty sure you can use anything that is only on when the car is on… radio, etc.

nice looks good thanks for the info, i wonder if i could do it without the welding on my explorer. but will do it if its the only way lol. and when you wire the acc wire to the blinker fuse do you wire it to the actual fuse?sorry if im sounding dumb just confosed and want to do everything right thanks again.

There are right ways to do it lol so I’m not recommending you do it my way (which will work). Just had to throw that in there lol. I just ran a wire from the pressure switch to the blinker fuse and wrapped the wire around a leg on the fuse and stuck it back in. Simple as that lol

Nice is there any disadvantage to that method because it seems easy enough lol. And I have my prexisting power and remote wires from my subs the power is a bigger gauge though and the remote is wired to my radio could I use these at all? Thanks

Nah no disadvantages that I know of. Yes you can use your existing power wire, that’s what I did. Also, I have heard that you can use the remote wire… I heard this after I finished mine so I didn’t worry with it. If you’re kinda uneasy about doing that, give hornblasters a call and ask em. They’ll know and be more than happy to help you out. Someone may get on here and let ya know though.

Nice, so I will have to splice into my power wire n throw a switch and a relay inline? The remote wire I have has a switch on it already that used to turn my amp on will I srtill need it to power the pressure switch? Lol I’m confused still but getting there.

I have an excellent diagram that is very helpful in wiring up the relay and pressure switch. I can’t upload it from my phone so I will do it when I get home.

Thanks, that would be much appreciated. Thanks alot

Here ya go… Just follow this link.


Sweet thanks for the pic

That’s a good diagram.

You can take that a step further and put a toggle switch between the +12v source and the pressure switch. That would act as a master compressor shut-off. And I think most people use a “key on only” for their +12v source.

Here’s another good diagram.

Hope this helps.

I use a master switch to cut power to the 80 amp relay I’m using, which keeps the compressors from coming on. Everything is also triggered through the ignition, so its a double fail-safe.

so just throw that switch in before the relay on the +12v correct? and i think im going to fun my acc wire to a fuse post like the blinker like hondaguy said so it should be all good from there then?


Thanks a lot guys for all your help.I’m doing my best to keep the honking tradition going lol. One more questiong what do you think of the relay that comes in the kit? Will it last?

I’m not sure what relay comes with it but I’m sure it will be fine. My relay just came from O’reilly Auto Parts lol