K3la Complete kit

Im a newby here.
I have a set of omega train horns on my z71 and they are loud but not lod enough. Ive been looking at the K3la kit here on hornblasters and i figured i would get some feedback before buying. What does everyone think of the kit?? And will it be extremely loud or are the k5s that mch different
Thanks for any help:D

You’ll be more than happy with the K3’s. It’ll be plenty Loud, but as everyone says, if you got the Room and Money for the K5’s, do them.

GET EM!!! K3s are very fukin loud!! u will love em!!

And as was said before, K3’s are like 1-2 dB louder than a K5 lol not that anyone’s ears can pick up the difference.

go all out with the k5la…

K-11 for the win!!!

Thats what im rolling as well…soon to add another k5la tomorrow…

Thanksfor the advice everyone. I think ill go all out with the k5la bc i know ill want louder if i get the k3la, and ill just want louder down the road. so why not start at the top!

k3 is only like 2 decibels louder though…and its cheaper sometimes…
example…u have to change all 10 diaphragms and 5 rubber disk in the k5la…

at $44.99 a set x 5 = $224.95 or for a k3la is 44.99 a set x 3 = $134.97

a difference of $89.98 thats more money for GASOLINE AND THATS SAVING UP FOR YOUR MOST WANTED HORN…

So you are saying the k3la is louder than the k5la?

I already said that it was louder in this thread. Yes, the K3 is slightly louder than the K5. Not an audible difference though.

ok so why does everyone like the k5 so much?

HONESTLY I DONT KNOW. i like the sound it make…well with the proper bells and tuneage you can make these sound like a mean giant or a little screamer…K5LA with 1,3,1,3,1 its a loud monster