K3LA in Police Interceptor

Hello folks!

I’m from Germany and i would like to show you my Horn installation.
I’ve got just a small German Opel Ascona from 1987, 1.6ltr engine but i pimpt him a little bit up… black and white painted. tyres also painted.
“Highway-Patrol” Decals at the doors will follow.

Its just a fun car :wink:

My Whelen 295 Siren

these are switches for the different horns. the first switch is to toggle the stock horn, second for the K3LA, then PSYCHO BLASTERS, 2 free switches, and the last 2 switches are for both compressors. i have to switch them one by one because the starting power is to high for my lightmachine if they would start together

The trunk:

I had to split the K3 in thre single horns. So i put one Horn infront of the right tyre, the other infront of the left tyre and the big horn between the engine. there was no chance to install it in a different way because there was no space for this massive horn. but i ve got two valves closly to the horns installed, so that the horns sound hard and direcly when i push the button :wink:

more Pictures of the K3 Horn will follow…


That Things Awesome!

the prodigy experience! great album

and lmao just niticed you have a bigfoot gas pedal

Nice! I’d like to see a pic of the manifold you fabricated for each horn…

nice! i love it… u should get some strobes now!

here are some more pictures:

view under the car:

you can see the two sets of psycho-blasters on each site, the whelen-siren speaker and one horn of the K3

Horn on the left side

Horn on the right side

thats just awesome!!
im thinkin bout either buyin a grand marquis or a new yorker…if i get the marquis, its becoming a cop car…if i get the new yorker, its just gettin painted and resold for profit

so did u weld some fittings on a bracket? thats what it looks like to me, i want to use ur idea!

I weld a hex nut on the bracket and then i screw the fitting in it. The plastic fittings will melt if you weld them directly on the bracket … i tried it… :rolleyes:

That’s an awesome idea!! Purely simple! I would of never thought of that…

thats awsome
i am going to use that on my jeep
what size airline is that

Looks like 1/2 inch