k3la kit for sale (one month old)

probably going to have to sell my k3la train horn kit from hornblasters. unexpected bills have came up and getting force to sell them… i’ve had fun with them… if you are interested send me a message

kit includes:
k3la horns
5 gallon tank
special mount
1/2 lines
all fittings
everything that the kit comes with from hornblasters.com
sells for 1249 online–right at one month old

serious offers send me a message

I’ve got a friend that might be interested, and he’s from your neck of the woods. I’ll let him know …


thanks, sounds good

Willing to split up? if so i’m interested in everything but the horn.

i would rather not split it up…but if i did i would think the horn would be the easier to sell so give me a couple of days (up to a week) to see if someone wants the entire set up and then i’ll pm you about the other stuff


What compressor?


Sounds good. thanks

what would you take for just the K3…if possible

alright here are my prices

k3la—680 bucks

5 gallon tank w/all the fittings that are attached to it (pressure gauge, pressure switch, electric valueand solenoid and whatever is attached to the tank)—85 bucks

viair 400C compressor—155 bucks

or whole thing for 900 bucks (if i sale it as a whole i’m going to try and save as much of the wiring as possible but some wires may end up being cut but i will save all of the fittings and such)

–shipping would be added to the price of course

**again this is a month old and professional put on and its all paid for on my end so if i cannot get these prices, then i’ll just keep it and no big deal.
–also i’d rather sale it as a whole b/c it does me no good to sale one of the 3 things and then have the other two just laying around…

How much shipped on the tank and accs to 94505? my e mail is afflictedpast@hotmail.com. can’t seem to PM on this board

-i’m not really sure afflictedpast… what i would do is box it up and go to the local post office and weigh it and ask them before i shipped it… i might can call up there and give them a rough est on the weight and see if they can quote me a round about figure…maybe i can either get the whole thing sold or get the 3 groups sold before i start boxing it up… i def got to sell at least 2 of the 3 before i move any of it…


where at in South GA…I am in Thomasville

Sounds good. i am very interested in buying the tank and stuff and have paypal ready. i was also interested in the compressor but kinda want to go with a dual 444c set up. and i already have a k3ha :smiley:

pearson… in the middle of valdosta tifton waycross and douglas

thats my only other concern… payment… how does paypal work??.. i dont have an account… i know i dont want to ship without the money and i know you dont want to pay without having the product

i forgot to say that everything but the horns was in my tool box… the compressor and tank and all is in my tool box… so its still just like brand new

Paypal is easy to set up and is the safest way for the buyer and seller.

But i can pay with a postal money order or check before you ship, whatever works best for you. i have bought and sold a lot of things online and some people just don’t care to get paypal.

I always pay before the product ships, it’s just how it has to go, just gotta have faith. only had a couple people who took forever to ship after getting payment.

i’d rather do the money order just because i dont want to create a paypal account for this one thing… i think i had to do one with hornblasters when i bought them but i cant remember none of the stuff i did… maybe you will get the tank and stuff and the other guy will get the horn… and then i’ll be left with a compressor which i dont think would be hard to move maybe

things are looking good!! how hard is this kit to remove??

Sounds good to me.

Shouldn’t be too hard to remove, just make sure you disconnect the power before you start pulling everything apart. aside from all the wiring the main stuff comes out easy with just a couple wrenches.