K3LA modding...

i was wondering if there are any mods that can be made to a K3LA…ive unmounted the horns from the manifold…that little hole where the air first comes in…can i make it bigger…will it make it flow more air…be louder???if u take off the caps u can see that after the hole it gets bigger…ill post some pics later.but just wondering if anyone knows off-hand

i wouldnt do it,since they came like that there like that for a reason,plus it would throw the tune off

you could make it into a K5LA

how can a make a k5la out of a k3 manifold???

add a 3a & 5 bell along with the k5 manifold.:smiley:

didnt you do that 06BSPXR?

well i knew that but i was tryin to work with the horn i have on hand…not buy anything else…

haha i figured that was the case

u could paint it…lol

It’s loud already, why change it? You can’t really do anything to change the loudness to it without ruining it. Please don’t ruin it by drilling out the air inlets on the bottoms of the bells lol

You can try using titananium diaphragms—pardon the spelling—take your regular diaphragm to a machinist and tell him you want these in titananium…i think it is 0.0012…those will make any horn louder…

Twist ,YES I did and lovin it!:smiley:

not to be a wise guy steve , but if you don’t want to spend any more take the advice and leave it alone, rather than ruin a tuned horn!


okay i wont ruin the horn…im from houston …hornblaster…