K3LA on a Kenworth.

Finnally got around to installing these on a customers KW. Soon as I powder coat the 3 and 5 bell I will hang them 2 off of the drivers side frame rail.

He wanted the 3 bells on the drivers side but would not fit. So I convinced him I can use 2 of my brackets and hang 2 more bells. Works for me, more work. Economy blows so I will take it any way I can. I also ran out of black line. Gotta order some orange for him.

Click images for a larger view.

i would of put them on the roof… honk the frame

That’s pretty sickk…I always play with trucks around here, I ALWAYS look for horns, I’ve messed with a truck with an omega 3, and another with a leslie/prime 920. I support the truckers that get the big horns, they need it. nice install:cool:

Thanks guys. In light of the roof being fiberglass it was just to much work to reinforce the cab. Plus there better hidden down there to scare. Although the bright orange horns do stand out a bit.

Uhh…yeah, just a bit


Nicely done…got to love that paint job…

i liek that lol

Thats Awesome!